Employee Information Management

Employee Information Management is a comprehensive software designed to capture all details pertaining to an employee, who worked as valuable asset for any organization. Initially profile is created by HR personal & then further employees can manage their personal data within controlled environments.

  Capture every discrete pieces of information about the employee related to personal, family, skills, experience, projects allocation, training and many more things

  All relevant informations are comprehensively organised in a meaningful manner.

  Not only HR but employee and line mangers can view and edit records in a controlled environment

  All data are centrally located and easily accessible as and when required.

  Also, send notifications to employee for latest updates of qualifications, skillets & expertise

Leave Management System


Reckoner HR significantly streamline all your leave-related procedures, allows the employees to apply for a leave online and get approvals from their managers. you can access leave management on cloud anywhere, anytime either via your mobile, laptop or personal computer.

  Mangers can track & manage employee availability to meet project deadlines.

  Empower employees to plan their vacations.

  Using Reckoner HR you can easily define and implement complex leave rules.

  Reckoner HR allows to maintain leave History approved, rejected or pending by an employee or group of employees.

  It give facility to calculate leave accruals and make payments accurately.

Attendance Tracking

Reckoner HR provides cloud based solution for tracking your attendance online. Whether you are on-site/off-site or works from home, you are able to mark your attendance, and your manager will also be aware about your presence. Synchronize with your attendance device.

  Reckoner attendance tracking allows easy & secure integration with your Biometric/Hardware devices to Reckoner HR cloud.

  Enable employees to record attendance from anywhere either through a web portal or with their mobile devices.

  Enables you to keep track of multiple shifts.

  Get-paid for your extra working hours using attendance & time-sheet monitoring.

  Payroll data is easily available with the help of reports generated from attendance module

Employee/Manager Portal

Reckoner launches specially designed portal that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. All of your applications is now integrated under one roof, not only with other legacy applications,but also with 3rd party social media platforms like email clients, tasks, calendars, news feed of social sites linked in facebook & twitter. Based on company policy sites are are accessible to the employees.

  This application gives immense flexibility to TOP & middle management, as notification for their task will be available on their email, and approval of task is now possible on single click. It saves lot of time and effort of delays in task due to approval approvals.

  No need to remember the user & password directory every time, just store the credentials for the first time.

  Easy and smooth integration with 3rd party API provides a simple & secure way to combine the information of one or more applications into a third-party service, enabling you to assemble your system/ working model the way you want it.

Salary Processing

Reckoner HRM enables you to process complex salary in a very simple manner, it allows you to process salary of 500 employees on a single mouse click. Reckoner Salary processing supports multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll system.

  Powerful rule builder for salary calculations,

  It allow to process salary of all employees or a group, even for an individual if required.

  Define payroll configuration parameters and process salaries as per inputs from various Modules like attendance, leave benefits and CTC components claims.

  A powerful Investment definition ensures that Tax Deduction for salary is automatically calculated and debited from the final salary,without any additional effort.

  Employees can easily access their salary slips, reimbursement slips and payment advice.

Transfer/Promotion Allocation

Reckoner HRM gives you immense flexibility for easy movement of your Human Resources based on their expertise and project requirement. It keeps complete track of all department & designation history of employee for future reference.

  It allows easy movements of employees from one location to another.

  Offers flexibility to HR's in term of promotion and new project allocation features.

Claim Management System (CMS)

Streamline and simplify your expense claims using Reckoner CMS, provides end-to-end solution from claim application to approval till payments. Using CMS you can drastically reduced reimbursement time and increase employee satisfaction level. We take care both types of claims CTC & non-CTC claims.

  Employees can easily apply for online claims, review status on-line and track it till payment release .

  Reckoner HR enable you to define your own claim types based on your organizational structures, and empowers HR team with configurable work flow, claim category, claim items, claim limits and easy to use.

  Added flexibility to define different eligibility amount for different employee groups or an individual.

  Ensure the policy compliance with user-defined rules and controls on various claims.

  Reckoner CMS enables you to process employee claims— claims associated with travel, medical benefits, annual leave claim and other such eligibilities.

  Seamless integration with Payroll for payment.

Skill Management

Here, you will find intelligent web-based solution for skill management. Find the right employee best matched with the skills needed for any project. Not only that you can quickly identify areas of strength or gap in one intuitive visual display, use this information to feed into training plans, in decision making, or to support employee development.

  Quick Search functionality - Quickly find skilled employees for a given skill set.

  Track Employees Skills - Using Reckoner HR, you can efficiently track employees skill that helps to maximize employee potential through training and development programs.

  Plan Training Calenders – You can easily identify training needs and plan training calenders improve employees productivity.

  Generate a skills matrix with ease using our powerful reporting features. This matrix gives you complete visualization for employees and their competency level.

  Help Desk:

Hr help-desk will address your day today query related to HRM. Employees can have several doubts and questions related to HR policy & company norms. Its a very tedious task for a big organization to handle queries of all employees, HR help desk gives platform to address and resolve query instantly. HR help-desk empowers employees and streamlines Human Resources departments by making it easy to access HR information in a variety of ways .

Users can log their queries using mobile, email, web-portals.

Separation Management Systems: 

Reckoner HR is an end-to-end solution that integrates all aspects of an employee life cycle - from induction to separation, thus enable HR's to simplistically handle the complex process of no dues clearance, paying the final checks in heath manner.

  Ensure employee off boarding tasks are completed in a timely manner.

  End the Assignments & handover will be given to concerned person.

  It gives you provision to reclaim physical resources on confirming an employee's resignation. And providing compliance forms, to collecting keys, gadgets, laptop's etc.

  It enables you to process the payment for final check including remaining annual leave, overtime LTA's or any other dues.

  Reckoner HR makes you capable to do smooth transition in hassle-free manner.

  Multiple F&F templates are available


Reckoner HR, reporting tools supports wide range of reports, easily configurable and one can manipulate as per need. Even most complex reports can be authored with ease. System has set of pre-defined reports from different modules related to attendance, leave accurals, salary training, Employees etc.

  Interactive Dashboard- Powerful self-service module with ability to view all quick links on one page without having to navigate through the application to search for most demanding information.

  Fully automate your PowerPoint, Word or Excel reports quickly and accurately.

  Reckoner HR reporting tool gives you immense flexibility to download report in any format you want like .xls, .pdf, .csv etc.


Reckoner HR helps you plan employee training goals and programs to ensure your trained resources deliver highest productivity at work consistently. The system helps you deliver the right training on time, every time. Reckoner HR ensures that that your employees are getting trained for what they needed, and update-to-date with new technologies & mechanism in this competitive era.

  Comprehensive module which analyses training needs, nominates individuals for training programs, schedules training, tracks and provides reports on employee training, collects training feedback, and evaluates the outcome and impact of training.

  Get tanning recommendation from stakeholders.

  Based on recommendations you can efficiently schedule online/offline training for employees.

  Seamlessly integrated with Skill Management & Performance Management System.

  One can easily monitor training assessment & give training feedback

  Training budgets can be set and the entire event can be sponsored within the budget


For start-up company or a well-establised organization, Reckoner hr provides end-to-end solution for picking up right candidate profile till induction. It not just about scheduling an interview, it also enable you to select right candidate, best fitted with organization need.

  It keep track and organize thousands of applications across numerous departments coming in from different sources.

  Capture candidate data on portal before going for an interview.

  Social Media integration - Post jobs and sending notification on social sites.

  Reckoner HR, completely takes care of candidate screening & evaluation and then focuses on engagements: interviews, selection, negotiation, offers and then finally getting hired as team.

  Applicant tacking system enables you to manage & update applicant status in each stage.

  Each company follow their own hiring mechanism. Reckoner hr helps map your recruitment workflow in to completely customizable stages. You can easily create / edit these stages and assign them to people in your organization.

Performance Management Systems (PMS):

Performance management Systems enables managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization More than just an annual performance review, PMS works on fundamentals continuous evaluation which leads to continuous excellence and reduces attrition.

  Align Goals & Manage Performance – Using PMS tools mangers can efficiently set goals for individual or an organization.

  Continuous Feedback – A manager's continuous feedback to their team gives clear picture and transparency of employee's strength & weakness, thus helps in improving weak areas.

  Periodic Performance Reviews – Instead of annual process review, motivate employees by periodic review and appreciation for the deserving candidate. Also, review performance once in a year focuses mostly on recent few months activity, kick off this concept by reviewing performance & give rating periodically to improve employees overall per formation

  Focus on Employee Development – Capture individual training needs during PMS sessions, and design training Calender by role, individual or groups.

  KRA's Rating - Scores are calculated automatically as per the ratings provided and weightages defined.

  Reckoner PMS ensures that performance of individuals is captured well to help them and the organization achieve highest satisfaction at work.

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